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February 2, 2004

We tuned in just in time...

To see the whole "wardrobe malfunction." Nice to see Janet and Justin apologizing this morning for something that "wasn't their fault."  Kids, you ain't foolin' nobody. The only question is, how many private "undress" rehearsals did you two do to get the "malfunction" to happen right at the peak of the song? Yeah, and we're sure Ms J applies the reflective star pasties first thing every morning...


One other thing.  Is it possible for network TV to put on a football game without some dumb cracker doing "color commentary?" What little we heard sounded like an overt endorsement of illiteracy.  Hey kids, you ain't got no reason to study, listen to that there man making talk on the football show! He be a wealthy man who ain't got no literacy in his whole background. Damn, P. Diddy sounded better educated.  

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