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January 21, 2004

Well, he did it...

W as much as said "re-elect me or the terrorists win" in his state of the nation address last night. It's what we expected. We can't recall someone who has played grab-ass with reality so freely and openly since Tommy Flanagan (he's married to Morgan Fairchild, and he sleeps with her!)

Hoping to see at least one demo run an ad with a big Aircraft Carrier George picture subtitled "eject him or reality loses."


Word count bingo:

Terrorist - 14
Economy - 14
Freedom - 8
Peace - 5
Homeless - 1
Democratic -1
Human (rights) - 0
Privacy - 0
AIDS - 0
Haliburton - 0
Civil (liberties) - 0
Lie(s) - 0


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