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January 20, 2004

Saturday Night Live

We watched SNL for the first time in months this weekend. In the current cast the girls have it all over the guys. Take note gals, funny makes you attractive. Amy Poehler, taken feature by feature shouldn't be, but the whole package registers. Rachel Dratch was an inspired choice to be Michael Jackson in one skit. Maya Rudolph is just one surprise after another. Jessica Simpson was hosting but didn't register at all (just a bunch of tight and low cut costumes to show off her bulbous but not sexy talent.) Jessica just bored us.

Irony of the show was Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump telling Tina Fey that "men don't make passes at girls with glasses."  He obviously has no idea what he's talking about, and maybe that was the joke. Smart and quick, she's fun to watch and sexy as hell.


On the downside, why won't G-Unit go away?  Two songs was three too many from this bunch of posers.  We had a friend in school who used to hold his penis through his pants as he talked, girls laughing at him finally broke him of that habit.  Is it supposed to make 50 pesos look tougher to hold his crotch?  Yeah, like it worked for Michael Jackson?


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