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January 16, 2004

Ever wonder about nipples?

TV ads for Ben Stiller's new flick Along Came Polly feature an alluring Jennifer Aniston dancing with arms flung up and nipples prominently and visibly pointed under sheer fabric. They cast individual shadows.  It's not the first time we've seen this attention grabbing technique, it features... um... prominently in many TV and movie advertisements to subtly remind the male audience that "hey, there's a naked chick under those clothes!"

But seriously, ah yeah... seriously, we know that erect is not the natural state of these points of interest. They must be somehow stimulated by cold, friction, emotion, or other unspoken-in-polite-company stimulation. And they must be done as a pair, or it just looks a little... off.  So you have to wonder about the discussion of the scene in rehearsal, the thespian's motivation as it were, and how the actress prepares her tool for that specific bit of filming.

We'd love to be on the set when the director gives the specific instruction to "prepare for the shot."


Of course you also have to curse Brad Pitt for being one of the luckies guys on the planet...  

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