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January 6, 2004

We're not so smart

Seems like every day mankind, or at least Anglo-Asian-European mankind, slaps itself on the back about just how smart it is.  Usually it's about some technological event, like cell phones that broadcast video to each other, computers that fit on pin heads, or landing a new Lego project on Mars.

But these technological advances are just one-off's of each other, extrapolations of existing formula, technologies, and general advancements that come down to refinements that are easily anticipated. 

If we were really that smart, we'd have a handle on all the other long-standing problems; things that matter.  Cell phone?  Yeah, it's neat and sweet and certainly changing the way people drive everywhere, but what about Herpes?  How about a cure for Hepatitis? Not to mention AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimer's? How about some viable vehicles that don't depend on non-renewable fuel sources, and don't chew away at the ozone layer? Can we start guaranteeing the quality of our food supply, so little surprise deaths don't show up every few months? What about real political reform, preventing people with links to things like Big Oil and Halliburton from taking policy making positions in government? Yeah, that would be nice.

Anyway, we're heading off to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week.  Taking our Wi-Fi laptops, so we'll let you know about the cool gadgets we see there...



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