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January 3, 2004

Back but lazy

We're back.  Is there anything more tiring than vacation?  We need a few more hours sleep... Time for Raul to finish answering questions. 

Raul what makes you smile? The band "slayer" makes me smile they are like a talking monkey , but not as fun! Corgi dogs make me smile too. chorbalan

Yes the corgi dogs bring smiles. 

What's the meaning in life...or, barring that, why do boy bands exist? Ann

I do not know about the bands.  Is it important?

"Raul, what is the cure for general discontent??
i have lots of it" jberry

I think it is that you need to eat more fresh fruit and the greens.

Raul...mittens or gloves??? kernman

I use gardening gloves sometimes.

Raul, I think I could teach you to type if you wanted. Just tell me where you are and what time to come over. I promise to leave my axe at home. Johnny

Thank you. The talking to type machine is working for me now.

Raul, How was your new year's eve? did you get to drink lots of bubbling cider like you wanted? Ivy Bekket

My eve was fine. Yes I drank the cider.

Do you agree that Bush can be blamed for everything? Also is it wrong to make the characters in Sims: House Party nude? NemuriDoragon

I am the fault of our bushes. I did not use the right cutting tool. They will grow back. Is there a bush in your house party? I am confused.

Bronko made me murfallo steaks, but I wanted glok eye pie. Any way, why did the toady steal mine antique croque mallet? Bombastic Burgess of France

I am still confused. Is it because you are from France?  English is a hard language.

hey raul, do you like sandwiches? what is your favorite sandwich? 3.9 turtles

I know the answer. I like the sandwiches made with peanut butter.

raul, is it a bad thing to like to be alone, and in the dark, and never want to leave? if i had my way i would be alone all the time and never leave the darkness. vampyrfeary

It sounds quiet. Do you need the quiet? Sometimes I do.

Who the hell are you, and why won't you shut up and leave? I want the old shit back! Chelly

Yes. I will be going now.

Were you ever so drunk, or so high, that you couldn't remember whether you were drunk or high? Or maybe you were both, and just forgot? Were you ever like that? I was last night. It was funny. I fell down the stairs, and landed on some guy at a party. It was cool. Baby Girl

Falling down from a high place is sometimes a problem for me.

hey, raul, what's the closest an object can get to earth's atmosphere and still orbit? how massive could it be, and what sort of velocity would it have to maintain to keep that orbit? the evil monkey base must be completed! fear it with a fearsome fear! 3.9 turtles

This sounds like a question you could answer with your computer. I do not know.

hey raul, what do you you do outside the misters E's house for fun? AceGT09

I do go to the post office if there is a package note in the mail. It is fun to look at the new stamp pictures.

If a mad scientist sent a squirrel back in time and it mated with a rat and their baby stole cheese from a blue cow before it had time to jump over the moon would our children still have nursery rhymes to sing at funerals for chickens who died skipping across rivers? Nicci

I think that is the last question. I do not know the answer.  I hope you can find the answer yourself because it sounds very important.

The Misters are back and there is much washing and repairing work to be done. Stains are a problem today. I think some of it will have to be burn. Thank you for your questions.




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