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January 2, 2004

New Years Second Day

Raul is answering questions. 

i like drinking on most days it makes things fun usualy. why it it that it only makes things bearable when my family is all here for christmas/newyears? ian Cudmore

I do not know.  I drank on christmas and the newyears. But I was alone.

evil little man where is my present, I wish I had a gift from you I would love it and kiss it and hug it and do all manners of things to it that i could not possibly type. we'll anyways I was wondering if you could move to san jose calif and brighten up my life -- yours truly evil sarah

Where is this calif? I am sorry Sarah, but I do not know what I could get you that you could do all those things to.

Do you believe in vampyres? If you do, or are, could you make me one? Bloody Mary

I think the answer must be no.

Raul, do you have as many fingers as toes? If so, which is your favorite piggy. Jimm-ay

Yes.  I don't have a favorite. I want to keep them all.

Do you have my beef stew? I'm afraid it's gone missing after it learned how to walk. Or it ran off with the pie. Marie

Again, I do not have it. I do not think your stew could learn to walk, even with the help of pie.

Raul what did you get for christmas? What did you get for the Misters E? chibi zoku

I did not have presents at christmas. I was alone and the Misters E were not here for presents either.

So Raul, who are you spending New Years' Eve with? Plan on kissing anyone at midnight? Jeajuana

This is embarrassing to be answering so later. I was again alone.

Hey Raul. Whats your favorite television program? What is your opinion of the Survivor Seires? Bobby Ore

I watch television at late night. The programs I like best are about the weather and the show with the funny man who wears a suit and talks to the audience.  And sometimes they sing and tell confusing jokes.

can you (or anyone) explain to me how tom hanks ever got a best actor oscar, much less two. i find him mildly amusing in some of his comedies...but a serious actor...what's next, a lifetime achievement award for excellence in cinema for harrison ford. my head hurts. kernman

I think I would have to find out who Mr Tom Hanks is to try to answer you and I do not have enough time left. I am sorry.

I've got this thing for this girl, who doesn't know who I am. I think she's single and she's cute and all, but she's also kind of like that. You know what I mean? Like she never really is, or something to that effect. If I could just figure out if she was, or would, it would really be the thing. Sometimes I have problems with stuff. Is this something I should talk to her about, or should I stick to the other stuff? Tarmaque the Magnificent

I think there were some words left out. I read this again and I am more confused.

Raul, do you think is is wrong for yunger women to go out with older men, if so then why do you think that it is? Nick

I am not sure.  Are the laws about women in Yunger different than the laws of the America? You should probably ask a policeman. They are the ones that get angry.

I am tired now, thank you for the questions. There are more than I can answer. Many were very confusing.  The Misters will be back soon, but they said something about drying themselves outside when they got home and I may be making more answers for a while.




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