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December 31, 2003

New Years Evening

Raul is answering questions. 

Rual why do you work for the Misters E why not work for your self? Evil Monkey Child

My name is Raul.  I work for the Misters because it is a job and you need a job.  It is good to work. Sometimes I even have money left over from paying them back the rent and they let me play the poker game with them until it is gone. See it is good to have a job.

Hiya, Raul. I have a band called the resistance. we are selling a cd for only five dollars. there are funny movies in my website http://www.theresistance.ws Do you like funny things? That is what is called shameless self-promotion. I am ashamed. Thus it is shameFUL self promotion.

OK, I think that is OK.

Can you find me a girlfriend? Robert W Kirkpatrick II

No, I do not think I can.

Hello Precious. This is my first time visiting your grand site, but there seems to be no homepage... Is this just a site about a certain presence by the calling of "Raul" offering wisdom to the masses? If so I must partake in this wonderful game of meriment! How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? Why do people feel the need to elect leaders whom they know are ignorant mama's boys trying to rob the nation of its riches and culture? Is there a god? Who is the mastermind who invented cotton candy? It's amazing and decious all at the same time! And will J-Lo and Ben really stay together? Thank you. Dark Temptress

I lost track of the question.  You are writing most of my work for me today.

"Hey, Raul,
Do you like it when it snows? I guess you probably didn't get much snow wherever you're from, and now that you're where you are, you most likely see a lot more of it than you had before. So, do you like it?" Nate Werner

Snow is good but mostly the rain we are having. 

Hey Raul, yor awesome. I just wanted to know. What do you think of Hockey? Chris Canuck

Hockey is a very strange sport. It seems to be two of the games together with boxing and hitting each other with sticks. And occasionally the man in the net falls down and the lights go on. I guess I like it better than the wrestling.

Raul, are the Mr's E well endowed? Psycho

They have several of the endowments. Someone is always asking for money.  I am supposed to say that they are out and that the phone person should mail in a formally requesting.

That is all for today.  Tonight is the big Eve and I will be watching the television late. And there will be the cider with bubbles which I do enjoy much.  Happy Eve!



Note: Raul will be managing the site on the 30th through the 3rd or there abouts. He'll be answering SOME questions while we're gone, but not all.  So you can go to his feedback page and enter it now and he'll answer a few each day while we're out.  

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