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December 28, 2003

Pin the Cow on the Canuks

Hey, turns out it wasn't a home-grown case of mad cow disease!  It was a cow we got from Canada!

Let's see if we can make this finger-pointing stick better than the time we tried to blame August's power outage on the Great White North!

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Note: Raul will be managing the site on the 30th through the 3nd or there abouts (we're not sure where we'll be on New Years eve, but that's better than being there and not knowing where we are if you get our drift, so our timeframe is a little loose.)  He'll be answering SOME questions while we're gone, but not all, and the questions have to be submitted before the 29th (so we can help him and avoid those inevitable pharmaceutical bills that pile up while we're out - he's so fragile.)  So you can go to his feedback page and enter it now and he'll answer a few each day while we're out.

Not many questions so far and the date has even shifted out!  Raul must be losing popularity. Now there's a phrase we never thought we'd say!


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