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December 25, 2003

Ruins of the morning...

In repose on the divan we survey the aftermath. There's paper all over the floor, torn open boxes, glittering little empty liquor bottles spin as you kick through them, used tape with fragments of paper that stick to the bottom of your bare feet, wax spilling out from candles burnt down to their holders and then dripping down onto small statuary representation of seasonal events. Odd messages on the answering machine. Small dogs (are these ours... they look familiar?) that grunt fiercely as they tug at opposite ends of a now destroyed shoe. Raul sifts through it all, what is he looking for? (Do we smell something burning?) The Beach Boys are singing Christmas songs, Phil Spector is not evident this year. Outside, yes we can just seen though the next room and out the window, it is wet. The phone rings and someone sings the full twelve days of Christmas in a drunken slur. It is a good thing to screen calls during the holidays. We've finally found our Leatherman tool under a couch cushion but now have forgotten what we wanted to do with it. The dogs have given up on the shoe and are now fighting over Raul. There is the new smell of coffee in the air - clarity at last! Oh my, what's this?  A virgin bottle of 100% Blue Agave Tequila?  Well, it is a holiday after all.  Now where did we put those limes...

Just wanted to share.  Happy Holidays.
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Note: Raul will be managing the site on the 27th through the 2nd or there abouts (we're not sure where we'll be on New Years eve, but that's better than being there and not knowing where we are if you get our drift, so our timeframe is a little loose.)  He'll be answering SOME questions while we're gone, but not all, and the questions have to be submitted before the 27th (so we can help him and avoid those inevitable pharmaceutical bills that pile up while we're out - he's so fragile.)  So you can go to his feedback page and enter it now and he'll answer a few each day while we're out.  

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