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December 7, 2003

Moderate Alcohol Use - A Scientific Dilemma  

OK, modern science can't agree.  Does it reduce the chance of stroke?  Does it shrink the brain? Will it help digestion? They still seem to agree that it is "beneficial in terms of coronary artery disease." Yes! There is still a benefit!

One thing they all ignore is how alcohol makes you funnier, better looking and irresistible to the opposite sex. Good to remember in those upcoming holiday office parties.

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Kids - remember, we're evil, but we still say that alcohol use at a young age is likely to prevent you from enjoying older age. You can look forward to things like teen pregnancy and early loveless marriages, soiled reputations that follow you around forever, and that whole early unexpected death thing.
Wait 'till you're old enough to do it at home or out in public where your keys can be taken away from you.

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