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December 6, 2003

BatTITle GlacTITa?

With the premiere of one of the biggest "why the hell would they bring that old groaner back" TV remakes in quite a while on the horizon, let us look into the whole Tits and SciFi situation for a second.

Not that it started with Star Trek, but the addition of the universe's sexiest Borg to Voyager a few years ago (those aliens LOVE their skin tight cat suits) and then Enterprise's logically sexy Vulcan (this time with a sweaty co-ed oil rub down every couple of episodes - all in the name of hygiene of course!) mainstream SciFi does seem to have gotten more like a pole dance than titular SF.

Now, the SciFi channel is bringing back the 70's Battlestar Galactica - revamped for the 21st century - which apparently means a hotter killer robot babe with tighter clothes, more soft-R sex, and cleavage cleavage cleavage! Not that we really mind, of course, but we're all about the honesty and satisfaction here as y'all know. Given the apparent draw of this sex and SF combo, why is it that it must always be such a tease. Innuendo and lingering downward pans that cut away at the last (or worst) second are all well and good, but would it kill them to actually deliver on the goods every now and then? It's working for Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton for goodness sake!

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