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December 5, 2003

50 Cent Not Gone Yet?

We we're just reviewing the Grammy awards, yes it's a slow day, and noticed that half-buck is still around. Hmm. And here we thought he'd be gone by now. Let's face it, this guy makes Mike Tyson look scholarly. Maybe we were wrong. Let's give him another listen... hang on.

Hmmm.   Hmmm.  Ewww.  Ouch.  Hmmm.  Huh?  Wha?  Argh!

Nope, we were right. He should be gone by now. Not sure what up with the record folks - maybe the intimidation factor? Well, he had been self publishing with G-Unit, but Curtis just signed with UMPG and so a simple bankruptcy seems not as likely. Then again.. no, we're tired of this guy now.  We should just start with the not talking about ugly, angry, stupid people.

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It is amazing how ignorance has become so much a part of our entertainment scene.  Both sides of the spectrum here, Paris Hilton for example is as much a void of practical knowledge.  Would be interesting to watch the two playing Scrabble, or the Geography & History questions in Trivial Pursuit.  Hey, wonder if the TV guys have thought about that as a product?   

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