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November 29, 2003

Saturday, the Mr's are still on vacation

Less questions today.  Typing is easier and I am less late.

Okay, I've looked up Viagra and it says it enhances one's sexual performance. How is your sexual performance? O' and by the way. I have a set of California Rolls ready for your devouring.  William The Sushi Man

This is something I do not think is something I want to discuss.  But thank you for thinking the rolls.  The problem I think will be enjoying them.


I still think the Misters E. should allow you a permanent special place on this website. I find your comments witty and amusing. Thank you.  Paul DeAmicis

Thank you. But it is a tiring thing to do every day. It makes me happy when the Mr’s E arrive home.


what's the meaning of life?  -anonymous-

I think it has something to do with being happy and not lying.  Does that sound right?


"have you ever talked to a muffin tree?

dont talk to muffin trees...?”  =-The Muffinless

No.  We do not have one of those. I talk to the orchids and the corgi dogs though.


Hello Raul.  If you have such a hard time understanding english then, what language so you understand?  And what country are you from?  Jared Ulmer

That is another placing question that I was to not answer.  Is it important? I could find out.


"Raul, there is an awful lot of talk here about pie, but what about cake? Cake is sometimes better than pie, depending on the type of pie.

Also, I do not understand why you don't have luck with women. You seem like a very sweet guy, and you clean. That's always a plus. Tell anyone you're interested in that you have my personal seal of approval =)"  =-Jea

Thank you.  It is important to be clean.  I do not meet many women.  And they talk very fast about things I do not know.


do u guys like Insane Clown Posse? i do, they rock. and do u ever go behind the bushes and play with ur little winkie? i do  Wicked Wanker

Clowns are more scary than funny. Thank you for the warning about bushes. I will stay away.


"Where's the beef Raul?

by the way, i hate yodelling too.”  =-a

There is not much yodeling here. I had beef with noodles on the giving thanks day. It was good.


Como esta Usted, Raul?  Es Malavado.com interesante para Ud?  Me parezco a Gustavo Adolfo Becquer con el bigote y la barba si alquien tiene interes.  Es una imagen de Becquer a http://cvc.cervantes.es/obref/rimas/imagenes/portada2.jpg.  Pedro Loco

Hello Pedro.  I think you type better in English.  Thank you for the picture of the bearded man. 


The Too Smart list is arranged in reverse chronological order of induction into the list.  So, technically, Argo Elle was a bit quicker than Crazy Pete, but the fact that she had to ask about it indicates a certain lack of sharpness.  [Raul, you don't need to respond to this.]  Ash

Thank you because I got the crazy eyes trying to understand what you were saying.


Raul, if you were a circus seal what would your trick be?  Nick Ryan

I am just Raul.  Why are you all keep asking me about being something else?  I do not think I will ever be a seal.


Raul, can I come over and massage your aching finger?    Nalani

I think that would not be a good idea Nalani. I know you have made other offers too. It still worries a little.


raul, i did not mean to upset you.  i like the corgi dogs too, but i thought it would be funny to make you feel sad.  thats when i feel better about myself.  but i did draw you a picture.  it has you and me and we're standing together in a grassy feild.   it is a happy picture.  ERiC

Thank you Eric. It does look like your typing machine may be stuck on the big letters in your name.  Maybe you need a new machine.


"Raul, I miss the Mr. Es. Do you?

Yes,  they are much better with the typing.


Oh and do you get paid? If not, I'd quit."  M

Where would I go?  I really do not know if that would be a good idea.


"Raul, I think you are a really nice guy.  Here is a hug for you, because everyone loves you so much:


                 H     H    U     U      GGGG

                 H     H    U     U     G    G

                 H     H    U     U    G

                 HHHHHHH    U     U    G  GGGG

                 H     H    U     U    G     G

                 H     H     U   U      G   G

                 H     H      UUU        GGG


This is not a question and does not need an answer, so don't answer it, it's just a message for you.  If you don't answer this, there will be less typing to make your finger hurt.  Have a good day, if you want to."  Angel Ofdark

That was funny with the big letters made of little letters.  It took me a long time to understand that you were not just having a big problem.  My finger is better today, there are not as many questions.


Ok, Raul, if wishes were horses, would that make horse ranchers genies?  Nick Jones

All the questions with if in them are making me hurt from thinking. 


One time I asked this one kid what his favorite color was, and he said he liked all colors equally, as how can you not like a color. I'm not going to ask you that because I know you could answer that same answer. But that kid was pretty fruity eh?  Jaski

I do not know.  Is it not alright to like all colors?  Why would you hate a color?


It's funny you know... Whenever I'm in school and we have to write to imaginary pen pals, I write to Raul. And I didn't know you existed until yesterday. ...Have you gotten the letters then?!  Jaski

No, I am not imaginary. So they must have gone to someone else.


Raul. Rah rah ool. Rock to school. Raww oool. Rar, fool! Raw ool. Raw groule. Ever eat that?  Jaski

You do have a lot of questions that are not really questions Jaski.


I have pet rats. Cool, or no?  Jaski

Rats can be good pets maybe. If  they are good rats and do not bite.  Dogs are that way too.


The people who keep asking you and the Mr's to marry them are pretty superficial and insecure, no? Although then again, by textbook example I would be insecure-- because I'm so insecure I have to put other people down. But it's just so... retarded.  Jaski

Jaski, I think maybe I should have answered all of you in one answer.


"Erm, William The Sushi Man (if that is your real name...), I already told you that Viagra works by expanding your arteries. This increases blood flow to all areas of the body. And no, I am not a doctor, just a very clever person.

I think that was not for me.  Are you talking to each other now?  Maybe that will make less answering for me.


Oh, Raul, the squirrels stopped when I gave them nuts... who'd have guessed?"  Morelen Ilfirin

Good.  Thank you.


Just thought I'd ask if you like fish? If so, what's your favourite? Thanks.  Morelen Ilfirin

I like the Zebra fish to look at.  The Mr’s bought a few that glow.  To eat I like the fish that come in sticks because they are just for baking.


Raul i was looking at my feet and i realised they're so big.Have you ever seen twins? My feet are like twins i Even named them I named them Raul and...Raul whats the name of your feet?  Chorbalan

They do not have names.  They are just feet.  I do not talk to my feet.


"Hey Raul, I'm sorry for coming onto you as I did before, I realize now that I really frightened you,adn am deeply appologetic for it. I only have a few questions. Have you had a good life? How many different countries have you been to? Are you french,and if so do you hate all Americans.  With lots of love and squishyness"  Nalani

I have been to several countries but did not count them.  I do not hate anyone. 


I don't know.... you are something like a fucking celebrity. Let's waste our time and write to Raul. At least people love you. I am the product of hate and statuatory rape. Thanks a lot Raul. Please keep answering in the standard EVIL.COM manner  Annoyed Beacuse You don't ever RESPOND!!!  Chewie MS

Do not write if you do not want to.  I hope that an answer makes your annoyed smaller.

It will be one more day for questions by myself. It will probably be late because I have the Sunday errands to do making the houses ready for the Mr's E returning. Again this is the place to click to send your words to me.


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