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November 27, 2003

thanks giving day

I am still Raul and still going to try to answer questions while the Mr's E are away.  I am having the take-out tonight, much thankful for.  Today, here is what you sent me to talk about.


RaUL I'm against the prolific use of amphetamines. Who's your dADDy by the way? - Beetroot Boy

Prolifics should not use amphetamines then. Yes, that sounds good.


Salut Raul, mon petit chaton!  Comment vas tu aujourd'hui?  Es-ce que tu veux faire encore un rendezvous?  Si on vole a la lune sur une bicyclette? Bissou, bissou minou-minou! - Imalegna Jones

 Les chatons, les bicyclettes, les lunes, et mon merveilleux mademoiselle Imalegna. Ceci pourrait être haiku s'il a rimé seulement. Mais haiku pas la rime.  fantaisiste.


 i think that everyone's really mean to you and ask really weird questions. why do they do that? and why's my hand suddenly gone all red and cold for no apparent reason? – laura

The Mr’s say readers are mean because they think we do not know how to find them. But the Mr’s have this list that I am not to talk about. Were you soaking your hand in ice water?  Was that a puzzle?


Raul are you going to take part in Buy Nothing Day?  It is the day after Thanksgiving! - Nick Ryan

This will be another year where I will buy nothing the day after Thanksgiving.  But that is most days. Thank you for asking.


Hey Raul we need help were both skater people and where our friends skate has been taken away by the police cus apparently we are annoying people who shop and work at the place but we are not doing any thing and for the 2 years people hav been skatin there hav been no accidents we'r sad wot can we do? PLEASE PLEASE HELP !! - KaTe 'N' KiM HyPeD LaNd

You should probably try doing something.  People do not like people who do nothing. They are called lazy.  I know this because that is what  the Mr’s call me sometimes.


Hey Raul we need help a giant black malteser is coming to eat us!!!!! wot can we do?????? - KaTe 'N' KiM HyPeD LaNd

It sounds like a good time to start doing something. Maybe running? You do have interesting problems.


I want to answer a question, and not ask one... Viagra actually expands the arteries, which in turn increases blood flow - all around the body. Hence why the 'stiff neck' joke isn't all that funny. - Morelen Ilfirin

I do not know what to say about that.  Stiff necks do not sound funny.  Is that the joke?


Raul, I think the Mr. E's are really one man and one woman, not two men.  Am I right? - B. Ryan

I am not supposed to say anything about the Mr’s.  But why would you think one of the Mr’s is a woman?  They are too hairy for women. And shaped wrong.


Raul, get back here NOW! You still haven't washed my clothes, and I smell like a diseased turtle! -Fidel Castro (aka Matt Seals.) – Fidel

It may not be your clothes. The Mr Castro has a very old beard that is full of food bits.


i need to know more about this site...its close but there must be more than what im looking at. let me know what im missing. but judging from the banners you cant tell me shit anyways so this request is probably a waist of my time...especially if its like the other link where your comments dont make it past an auto delete – rjd

I am not the one to ask about the site. I am better with washing and cleaning.  I can help with stains.


hey raul...can you tell me why we all get raped by our government everyday and do absolutley nothing about it...id shit a brick if you bring reason to that reality.  Rjd – rjd

Are you a “skater” too? Why do you have this rape problem. It sounds like something you should do something about. Maybe move?


hey Raul i have a boyfriend and like some one else what shoud I do? O what tha hell am I doing this ain't Ask Amy you don't care whats relly going on in my life you're just there to make fun of people and make them laugh. Anyways I like this site and maken fun of people is cool too but if you do answer my question I would be so happy but if you can't I understand but please do try - Stinkie Butt Man's Wife

You ask important questions. I will try to help. Maybe you should get both of them together to talk. Maybe just watch? Maybe if you have a cleaning problem you can tell me about too?


so your rowing your canoe down the sidewalk and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes can you stack on top of a doghouse? – Pat

I could not answer that the last time you asked. And I do not have a canoe.


If a number repeating is never ending then what is the differnce between .9 repeating and 1? – Focalor

The computer machine says .1 repeating. Is that a help?


Take the magazine Raul. Or i will get you. i will run over you with my bicycle.  and this time i not wear a white shirt but one of a different color in order to confuse you.  –

I do not want the magazine.  It had fire and a scary bearded man on the cover.  I like the magazine with the people from television on the cover.


Will you answer this question? - Gertrude Higginbotham



I'm in high school and I'm skipping my classes more then I'm going but I'm always almost getting caught.  And I'm sure my mom is going to call the school any day now so how can you help me not get caught? – Josie

Go to the class. Then you will not be caught. That was an easy puzzle.


Do people call you socially inept? They call me socially inept. – LancePopadopolis

I have never heard anyone call me that.  But I am not sure what it means.


If you can bearly figure out typing, how come you have flawles spelling? - curios george

The Mr’s set up a machine that changes my words when I type.  It is a little scary with all the bell sounds and letters flipping around. It seems angry at me for typing.


Raul, Your life sounds pretty complicated, how do you manage to stay in a happy mindframe? - Ivy Bekket

I like it when things are quiet. The corgi dogs do not bark and the orchids are pretty. This makes me happy. 


Raul, just out of curiosity, what do you look like? I ask you because I know the Mr's would never tell me. – MyNameIsJessica

I have dark hair and my teeth are all straight which is not a thing in my family. I am regular size. Someone said I look more like my father than my mother.


Raul, I think you are smart.  What is your IQ? - The Nerd Quing

I do not know IQ.  The Mr’s said not to write about our phone and address numbers.


my boyfriends friends say that im a twig and i dont think its funny at all they say that if me and my boyfriend ever decide to umm you know..... That i would break in half! Im am not that skinny.................................................. - Jill.

It is confusing.  Do you have one boyfriend or two?  Would you really umm you know with two boyfriends?  That might be painful, but you might not break in half.


Hmm i just found your site today, quite interesting... Did you ever mastubate using a apple pie, like in american pie..some guy in virginia did and got 3rd degree burns, im not gonna be trying that anytime soon!! - Guy with white tee-shirt on the bike

That sounds like a good thinking.


If I lived in ancient times, I would like to be a Mongol. - Crazy Pete

Yes, you might. Or you might be a slave.  Or maybe that milkmaid.  That was fun.


So far you have answered all my questions.  I feel that that is extremely kind of you.  Will you answer this one? - Crazy Pete

Not now.  I will try later.


Hey there Raul!  How's it going old chap?  Is the housecleaning working out fine? - Crazy Pete

Hello again Pete.


Beeyatch!  My name is on the Too Smart list!  Where's yours, infidel?  You work for the bloody people and they give you no respect! - Crazy Pete

Hello again Pete. You are starting to sound lonely.


Raul, U rock dude......u give such good advice......ur simply...WICKED AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!LOL – SedroMordeS

Thank you.


Hello raul/mr's E.....this is sedrom again......uuuuuhhhhmmmmmuuuuuuuhhhhh...i luv this site......oh hey.....where do you guys live and where did u come up with this website...(it's genius).......w/b pleaZe – Sedrom

The Mr’s said to say nothing about where we are.  I do not do anything on the web things. I just do answers when they are away.


Personaly i dont think it gets much nutteir than the dog show group...maybe N.A.M.B.L.A...but other than that...wait then there's the      part and the     but after all those definently that dog show group. anyway my question is: night or day? tampons or pads? women or men? evil or good? green or blue? house or apartment? land or sea? and have you ever brutally slautered a family of tigers? if you have not cool if you havent...you should at least try.  - ChoicesMAn,choices

That was a lot of questions. Maybe you should try again.


I cannot beileve it its almost thanksgiving...and while im sitting here in my house i cant help but thinking what do you (Raul) have to be thankful for? from what ive seen the folks her at evil.com treat you like crap. my advice would be to make a shiv and shank their bitch asses ya know? just give em a few of these...(harsh stabbing motions) ok im done now. by the way...do you like carrots?  - ShankSomeAss

Thank you for reminding me.  I do the cooking too sometimes.


Are plans afoot to start a Evil University? If so I wish to enroll in your School of Dictatorship.  - Namu Namu

I will ask.


How bad do yoy smell? - Big evil

I am good with the cleaning of myself too.


Why Do You Write In Yellow? - my name is here

I do not have a choice.  The computer machine makes it yellow.


Why do you smell sooooo damn good - evil evil donkey

I am good with the body cleaning.  I did say that.


"i am a very crazy guy, i will kill you and all others that stand on this earth, i will rule, i will dominate i am king

This is probably why the Mr’s say I should not say where we are.


guess who i am" - below is my friends e-mail

Are you Pete again? He has much of the free time.


hey raul. could you ask the Misters E. why the 'conspiriacy theory' part isnt up yet? YOU ROCK!!! - Aaron, ex-MJ12 assasin

I will ask. I will probably be slapped again though.


Hi, Raul! I just wanted to know, what would your dream girl be like? You're not gay, are you? – Arienette

I think about this a lot.  She would be good with the cleaning and play with the corgi dogs. She doesn’t have to know about orchids. Yes she should be as happy as I.


Am I a walrus or not? - muffins are yummy

You are probably not. I think a walrus would have more trouble with the typing than I do.


I am tired now.  It is time to eat my noodles with the beef and thanksgive.  The hallways are quiet, is it too early to put up the Christmas lighting and bulbing? Maybe tomorrow.  Again this is the place to click to send your words to me.


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