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November 26, 2003


I am going to try to answer questions while the Mr's E are away killing the turkey bird.  Here is what you sent.

Hey Raul, where were you born? In which country? Taylor Esformes
I was born on a boat.  That was near Nova Sacramento if I remember it.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the Saviour Of The World? Nadine Smith
Is he the one with the sword who shouts Power of Grayskull?  Yes, I've seen him many times.

Raul, I desparately need some advice. See, there's this girl, and I'm a guy, but there's also another girl in the mix. What should I do? CPA
You should talk to them. Why would you talk to me?

I will kill you and gnaw on the fire-blackened remains of your bones. I will crush your skull with a mace and suck out your eyeballs. You are doomed.
Are you the man in the white shirt on the bicycle who wanted me to take the magazine?  I still don't want the magazine.

Anyone know where I can hire a midget? See, midgets make the best chick magnets. You go to a park with one on a leash, it's better than having a Golden Retriever.  If you can make them catch frisbees it's even better. Babes all over you." Crazy Pete
That sounds very difficult. They get magnetized and stick to you?  Why would you want that?

Hola Raul! De donde eres? Ya has comido cui? M. Burgess
I am not hungry right now.

am i a twig wait i'll answer no im not!!!!!!! jill
You are a very confused girl.

Yo , Raul. I am just kind of curious are you the butler or the houseboy or the hermaphrodite plaything? Pat
I have asked for a job title. The best one so far was Nuisance. I'm not sure if that is a real job title. But they did give me cards.

Raul, you never answered my second question the last time you hosted! You said that you'd answer all the leftover questions. Lies! I even wrote it in French so you'd understand it better. On another note, when can I come visit you? Beck Ryan
I am sorry. I don't remember. It may have been one of the questions that got burnt.

How did you come to be a member of the evil.com crew? MiKeThEmAn
There is a tradition called indented surbatude.  I think that is right. That is what I am. 

wow your Raul. I think...or do I? Could you tell me whether or not I am? Jared Ulmer
No, I do not think I can.

Hello Raul, how have the misters been treating you since their holiday this summer? Ivy Bekket

They have been drinking a lot, and reading aloud. That is disturbing. I have been fine. How are you?

raul, did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow.....and that when people hear this, most try anyways? #NAME?
It tasted like furniture polish. Maybe I should finish the waxing before doing the typing?

Raul, do you like cabbages? I don't like cabbages, but do you? Angel Ofdark
Yes, I like cabbage.

Raul, will the Mr.E's teach me how to be a hacker? Jonesy
I think it is not likely.  What is a hacker?  Is it like a putter?  They do not like golf.

Who is Raul? my gf turned me onto this sight and ive got to say that i like it...i wish i could say that much for my gf, but hey you cant win them all. any ingway my Q is: is it ok to have a /circle jerk in a classroom enviroment? i dont really need an answer but it really helped for me to get this of my chest...whew! Atlas338
I am Raul.  OK, no answer on the second question then.  That was a lot of typing for such a short question.

hey raul, do you like morking for the misters. E?, and im still curious if your a communist? its me again, sir spoon
I am not a columnist. It takes me a long time to type even with the spelling check. I could not do this a lot.

Im having a morale argument with myself that i was hoping you could help me settle. im 12 years old and what i consider to be myself a loyal Jehovahs Witness, but every year of my life ive had to deal with everyone telling me hot Great christmas is with all the presents and joy...but my question is should i kill my parents and burn down my house just to show how mad i am that i dont get to celebrate the holidays? PLEASE WRITE BACK!!! Jwitness
Do you have the white shirt and bicycle?  Stay away from me.

Hey Raul. Whats it like living with the evil.com guys? Are they rich? Chris Canuck
Living here is a lot like always picking up broken toys and dirty clothes, watering the orchids, polishing the cars, and keeping telling young ladies that the Mr's are not here. That is what it is like. They do not talk about money. I never see any around.

hey raul and friends(who are not there and may never read this), I'd like to attempt to answer your question as to why I read this day after day, unlike those comedy sites your site can be relied upon for a laugh every day. I love this site, I'm just too cheap and Canadian to buy the merchandise. Cathy
Your money is interesting. Lots of colors. Like children's money.  I like Candada.

what is the square root of -2? Fred the Pengiun King
I don't know, did you need to talk to someone about that?

I amm actually speaking to the famous Raul!! CAn I be your chive? Nadia O'Rorrdian
OK. What is a chive? Is it the green plant we chop into the soup?  Why would you want to be that?

Hey Raul is it true that you can barely figure out typing? And what is you fav type of pie? I love pie Nick
Yes.  I am not proud of my typing. I like blue berry pie.  Thank you for asking.

"Who invented pants and why? And which type of jello would you recommend putting down your pants?
" Blaine

I would not recommend that. Jello is hard to get out in the wash. Especially ladies personal clothes.

pls just tell me how to get money.and some mistike power stanley ohaeke
I think you will be asking the wrong person. Except about the mistake part.

Do you know what a balaclava is? I know what a balaclava is. Have you ever robbed a bank? I know how to rob a bank. Crazy Pete
Balaclava is a musical instrument? Or is it that pastry? I have never robbed a bank and think you should stay with the musical instrument.

Hello Raul, how does Viagra work? William The Sushi Man
We used to have a maid named Vagra. She had trouble keeping her clothes on and the Mr's had to let her go. I think she did not work well.

That was fun. And there were no young girls trying to be naughty today. That was a little scary last time.  OK, you can write some more tomorrow.  This is the place to click to send your words to me.


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