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November 20, 2003


We're bored.  You'd think with all the George Bush, Mikey Jackson, Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, Cameron Diaz, Reagan, Clay Aiken, and John Lennon stuff in the news we'd be inspired, but no - it is the ennui again.

Raul, do you see anything in the papers worth noting this morning?



Mr's E, there is more about that criminal drug addict Rush Limbaugh.  It says he has washed money.  Is that illegal? I see lots of dirty dollar bills and sometimes I put them in soapy water for a while. Should I be worried that the police will be after me?

No Raul, that's just more antics typical of drug addicts.  They lose all sense of reason. As long as no one looks too closely at your green card you should be just fine.


[ \ ]


Guess it's martini time.  Sigh, and before noon too...


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