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November 17, 2003

Arnold's Time Paradox

With the new California Govenator being sworn in today, we have to note the disturbing coincidence in the schedule of events.

Arnold, among "reserved for Hollywood" pomp and circumstance, will be instated with a ten point plan of action.  The top action figure item is the elimination of the driver's licenses for illegal immigrants initiative.

In almost eerie synchronicity, the local Spanish language stations are playing El Exterminator 2, also known as "Teh Dos," at 8:00 PM local time.

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Movie: El Exterminator 2 (R, 91) *** Dos androides del futuro intentan apoderarse de un adolescent (Edward Furlong) que se convertira en el salvador de la Tierra.  Dirgida por James Cameron 1883123


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