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November 13, 2003

N0t.ice t.he N3W t.rend 1.n 5P^M the.se d@ys?

Spammers, faced with smarter and better spam filters are adopting and adapting hacker cyber style letter/number replacements and insertion of punctuation to make key words harder to recognize.

Of course harder only works for a while, and vocabularies of spam search and destroy routines are simply expanded to cover the modified key words.  These too shall pass. What we need to solve all this is a Federal organization with the balls to go after these weasels, and... we're just thinking out loud here... perhaps crucify a few as a warning to others. The first politician who figures this out and makes that a campaign pledge will win with a non-partisan landslide of biblical proportions.  So that's another sure thing. We expect this any day now.

Still, you have to admit that the crap mongers are showing real inventiveness it pushing the Viagra, sperm producers, penis enlargers, breast enhancers, and George Bush rationalizations on those feeble minded enough to believe everything that arrives in their inbox. 

[ \ ]

  And to those who say "Hey, I'm a small businessman pushing a reputable product.  SPAM is the only tool I have to reach a large enough target market to stay alive." we say "Hey, we never thought of it that way. But now that you mention it, you can die a quick and agonizing death too M0TH3R F|_|CK3R!"  

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