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November 12, 2003

So they cracked the N-Gage?

Why bother?  Did anyone really want to play the sorry-assed array of so-last-year games for this overpriced (and did we mention lumberingly h-uge) beast of a phone/game unit? (And no, that's not Splinter Cell, it's Splinter Cell TSA which is a lame platform game cashing in on the name.)

And while we're on the N-G, do the math kids: The average cell-phone is about 1/4 the size of the N-G, and free. The Gameboy Advance has hundreds of cheaper games, costs 1/3 the price and less than half the size of the N-G. Plus if you drain the batteries in your game, your phone still works. Two separate smaller components means you can carry in them in two pockets easy. So who is the market for the N-G? Kids who can't count and have too much money.  Brilliant marketing Nokia.

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  Still going with the N-G? Welcome to fanny pack world!

No, the butt bag doesn't make your ass look big, honest!


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