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November 9, 2003

It's Just One Little Word...

Today's object lesson is how the media gets you all hot and bothered about nothing.  Case in point, a recent mistake at a single Washington post office where an automated alarm for detecting anthrax misfired.  Eleven Post offices were shut down as a precaution.  Since then, they've found there was no anthrax, just a faulty system of detection.

But the headlines still read "Post Offices Reopen After Anthrax Scare" days after figuring out there was no real threat.  They're still using the Scare word.  They ambiguously avoid disclosing the fact that there was never anthrax involved.  So you've got to read the article to tell.  And there's that Scare word to help motivate you, post-terrorist sheep that you have become.  If the headline read "Post Offices Reopen - No Anthrax Threat" you'd happily skip by the article with your low blood pressure intact.

The media isn't really interested in making your day easier, or informing you, just getting you to read the damn article.  Again, note that for the most part the media has no real bias, no matter what the extreme Right or Left say.  The media is in the business of "selling papers," so they'll do what it takes to get you to buy.  And right now, scaring you with threats seems to be their cash cow.  Baaaaaaaa.

4 = 3

  Wow, that was a lot of words with only a sound effect punch-line.
Hey it's Sunday, it's a lot easier to be reactionary and bitter than funny.
Guess if we wanted to be funny we'd say something around Steve Jobs saying Apple Computer has become "the Microsoft of music stores." Talk about your lowered expectations Steveo!

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