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November 6, 2003

Our early review on The Matrix 3...

Seems nobody can recall the name of the third Matrix movie, they all seem to blur.  And blur is the word as this film spins with action. As for the plot, we're satisfied but not overwhelmingly wowed with the story resolution in this capper. 

Reviewers are going to hate it, as it still leaves stuff to ponder, which means they have to think not just judge. Us, we like to think, but recognize that for the majority of sheep the requirement of thinking makes them unhappy. It troubles people who depend on answers and rebel against intriguing questions. (Frankly, that's why you find so many ignorant folks flinging themselves head-long into fundamentalist religions... but we digress.) We're also happy that it does feel like an end but leaves the series open for more sequels.  

We do have a little trouble with the not seeing more of Monica Bellucci. And she was wearing red this time too!

4 = 3

  Before we get inundated with notes, we know the movie is Matrix: Revolutions.  But everyone we talk to says the name hesitantly if correctly at all. Having #2 and #3 titles start Re* was probably not the greatest marketing idea.  

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