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October 17, 2003

What about Dolph Lundgren?

Everyone remember Dolph? Kind of the poor man's action hero. Schwarzenegger without the sense of humor.  Van Damn with worse diction. Stallone... well, maybe he's a bit better than ol'e Rocky.  But ya gotta feel for a guy whose top acting credit was He-Man in the live action Masters of the Universe flick. 

Anyway, it's Dolph's birthday today.  Maybe he'll run for governor somewhere.  (Psssst, hey DL! Why don't you give Florida a try...)

  In exactly 14 days, we're making a subtle change to the evil.com home page. We're having a contest: anyone who can successfully predict what change that would be will get their name published as "too smart for their own good."

Clue #2 - Nothing really to do with Halloween.

You can send guesses through the standard method.  If you can't figure out the standard method, you're obviously not "too smart for your own good."

Everything you need to figure it out is right on this site. And for clarity's sake, since accurate time is sooooo important, we're talking about a change that will happen sometime on 10/31/2003.

Lots of entries so far, and only "Nick Jones" has gotten it right.  Congrats Nick - You're officially too smart for your own good.

Beck Ryan came close, very close, but the judges said "Bzzzzzzzzzzt!"


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