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October 15, 2003

We're in an airport today...

Unexpectedly, unavoidably, unhappily sitting waiting for a flight.  Thanks to two hour security checks, we now have more time to appreciate overpriced junk food, magazines that fawn over celebrities, all the while honing our skills in feigning interest in discussions about home teams. 

Is that why some people don't bathe?  So nobody will come up to talk to them about "the Cubs?"  Damn deodorant soap! Must remember to try that out.

  In exactly 16 days, we're making a subtle change to the evil.com home page. We're having a contest: anyone who can successfully predict what change that would be will get their name published as "too smart for their own good."

Clue #1 - Sixteen days is particularly significant.

You can send guesses through the standard method. If you can't figure out the standard method, you're obviously not "too smart for your own good."

Lots of entries so far, and only "Nick Jones" has gotten it right.  Congrats Nick - You're officially too smart for your own good.


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