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October 11, 2003

In a Fantasy Land Called Bushville...

Not since Reganomics and "Trickle Down" have we seen so much "look over there" policy making and misleading of the American public.  This week the Bush administration added to their "conservation" efforts by endorsing reinterpretation of the protected species acts.

The proposal: Allowing endangered species to be trapped and hunted will both help third world countries conservation efforts, and feed the US hunger for related animal products.  In other words, Texans want more eagle feathers for their cowboy hats, and this will stimulate overseas economies such that they'll work to increase the numbers of the newly hunted species.

This is of course in keeping with similar Bush logic.  We're already living with "$300 tax rebates will fix the economy", "tax cuts for the rich help everyone", "kill for peace" and "freedom through systematic elimination of privacy."  Our predictions of upcoming revelations:

  Wow, kind of long this morning.  Hope everyone kept up with us there.

Don't get us wrong, everyone knows how we like to bait the PETA folks, and this hasn't really changed.  This is more an example of Bush having a nation of sheep like followers who eat up whatever this administration is spooning out. The question is; are you saying "Bah" or "Baaaaaaaa".


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