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October 9, 2003

A little tired this morning...

Up way too late playing Halo on the PC.  XBOX Halo kept us up for weeks, but lacked on-line play that typically supplements game play long after you've beat the campaign on Legendary difficulty.

Halo for Windows is amazing on-line. The already incomparable graphics and physics, incredible and huge new areas, disturbingly effective new weapons, and chat/taunting all mesh into something ready to restore the dark rings under our eyes.

Warren Zevon said "I'll sleep when I'm dead," and right now that seems like good advice!


Don't ignore the hardware requirements on this puppy though.  If you haven't bought a new powerhouse PC in the last 9 months you'll need to turn down the details and run in lower resolution, and that might not get it going sufficiently fast. 

Our advice, this is worth a new PC. Hey, aren't you a patriot?  Go out and stimulate that economy!


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