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October 4, 2003

Arnie's Poll rIses!

OK, big day for us as our predictions of the last two days come true!

Arnie comes through with a cigar related molestation charge!  Not quite the usage we were anticipating (Can you say Monica?  We knew you could.) but its a reference to a stogie none the less. We'll go out on a limb here...there's at least one more with a better cigar reference hanging out there...

Carla Baron said Arnie had been smoking a cigar before he, uninvited, once "forced his tongue down my throat." She compared the experience to "licking an ashtray."  Two other Schwarzenegger groping victims came forward yesterday and to cap the Clinton comparisons...drum roll please...one was a 23 year old intern!

OK, so Arnie is a molester and Bill was seduced. You're right, they are two quite different aspects of human weakness.  But you have to admit the comparisons are striking! 


Huh. All this and sill no word from the self-proclaimed Moral Majority condemning these obviously heinous acts against innocent and unwilling women?  Hmm.  Maybe the fact that Bill got off without being impeached took all the steam out of their... hypocrisy?

And there's little hope of another Sincere Apology Show from Schwarzenegger.  We can hear it now; "I already apologized, two days ago, for all my rowdy behavior back in my Hollywood life. Stop bringing this up you...you... bringing up people! Can we get back to the real issues for which I have no detailed or realistic plans - only jingoistic slogans and rants?"

Hmm.  Our punctuation of choice seems to have moved from the ellipsis to the exclamation point.  We'll have to think about that...!

And is it a bad thing when our little aside trailer section turns out to be as long as the main post?  So terribly introspective this morning. But there are so many questions to be asked, so many issues and contradictions! And there's nothing good on tv!

Tomorrow, we'll try to find something other than politics to talk about.  But its hard...so hard...


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