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October 1, 2003

She said / He did...

So Laura Bush, first first lady in a while who doesn't look like the president's mother, claims her husband "won't tolerate anything but the very highest standards from those who work for him."

That's interesting. We recall Bush firing economic advisor Lawrence Lindsay for saying the Iraq invasion would cost an estimated $100-200 Billion when the White House was promising no more than $60 billion tops.  Price to date: $150 Billion.

Guess highest standards have to coincide with drooling toadyism.

  So it looks like the Polls are favoring Arnie.  Do the bulk of people of Polish ancestry really make up that much of California? We thought they were mostly Canadian.  How does the Poll vote stack up against the Indian Casino vote?

What Raul... they're talking about Opinion Polls?  Well, they have opinions. Isn't that special.


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