we get it

September 19, 2003

Dogs see things we can't...

So, we're out of the room last night and all of a sudden Zemo goes nuts.  Zacary had followed us out but when we go back he starts woofing too.  They're barking at the TV like it's a FedEx delivery guy with a fresh box of cats.

So what's on the TV?  A head shot of Senator Tom McClintock. We look too, and then it starts to sink in. The guy just doesn't look like the product of a biological union. The head is out of proportion, and the eyes... it actually hurts to look at his eyes!

Genetic experiment? Soulless golem? Robotic prototype? Life-size bobble head? We don't know, and frankly we're scared to look any further. But if the dog notices it, it's worth noting.


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