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September 14, 2003

Surprise - Bush's Poll Numbers are Dropping...

Big surprise? Only to those followers who live apparently live in Denial USA. Bush tells a ragged nation he plans on spending 87 Big on "rebuilding" Iraq. What we hear: My Texan friends in big oil can't get the crude out until we rebuild.

Does Bush ever stop to consider what 87 Billion would do for states like Alabama and Arkansas? How the sins of his generation will be born by taxpayers yet unborn. That his increased budget goals are paid for by 5 percent fewer taxpaying workers, down three million jobs since he took office, increasing the burden those fortunate to still have a job will bear?

Of course, had he been elected by popular vote, he might be more popular.

  Not funny today.  Late too.  Damn, but we did need a day off.   

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