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September 5, 2003

Seen the new IBM commercial?

OK, we're not going to really describe it, just talking to those who have seen it. A combo of movie inferences that comes off more scary than enthralling or intriguing.

First it looks like 2001 and Andromeda Strain meet Tommy and Sixth Sense, as you've got all these phantom "teachers" talking at the kid in the sterile white void. Kid remains impassive - kinda spooky, never says anything - the most charming part of this is he looks like Dewey from Malcom in the Middle. We like Dewey. But its like they're waiting for him to speak and announce he's ready to take over the world - like Colossus in The Forbin Project

And at the end they say that the kid is the personification of Linux. OK, Science run wild - now we're thinking Species, Lawnmower Man, or Ilea in ST:TMP. Oh that's reassuring! Spooky thing would be to have the kid finally talk at the end using a Swedish accent - exit audience running screaming.  Hope for the world? Yeah, like that's going to come from IBM.


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