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August 24, 2003

A Right You Could "Get Behind"

OK, with the Franken book getting all this press around it we've been researching more about the truly insane right-wingers.  Until now, we've just been bored, but then we visited Ann Coulter's web site

Ann is a serious journalist. Of course we say serious in the same way you might say scary. Someone in serious need of some mood management drugs. She spits out the word treason like a Tourettes victim yelling shit.

But there is a useful service she's providing for all you folks out there looking for hot images on the web: several pages of vanity pictures linked from her main page! Wolf Blitzer must have one... somewhere... we think... or try not to think about it.  Ur... ahem. Anne, we particularly liked the "wet look" skin-tight black number.

OK, if the right starts dressing up their arguments like this, we might forget all that liberal bullshit about peace, love and understanding...



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