we get it

August 2, 2003

They are coming back Tomorrow!

I am not able to answer any more of the questions now. It is late and I forgot to update the page this morning.  The Misters have said I will get to answer the last ones when they update the long pages with ramblings.  Tomorrow they will be back. 

They said I should say something more about the man with the funny teeth who tried to take over the Soft People company.  I can not think of anything funny to say about him.  He has a problem with an Auntie Trust coming to his house?  I don't understand how one little woman can cause him so much of a problem.  Maybe he does not have room for her in his Japanese house?

I think I am done for now.  Apparently I did good in the postings.  The Misters said that when they go on their next vacation they are going to take me along. I think this is a present for doing good.





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