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August 1, 2003

Friday and small update by Raul

I am late but there are only small questions today.  Word from the Misters E that they will be home soon.  Maybe this is my last notes for now. 

do you ever get bored just answering peoples stupid questions? hey isn't this a stupid question?-lalalaurel

Someone said there are no stupid questions.  The Misters E said that man who said that man did not run a web site.  I think I am done with this answer. 

show me a sane man and i will cure him. -- Eclipse

You sound like Doctor Twain.  He is my doctor of teeth. 

how many roads must a man travel down before he admits he is lost?--- Mr. L

The answer is one. I confuse easy. 

ok Im going to make a Neopolitan Cheesecake for someones birthday, does that sound kind of weird? - kris

I have been to Naples but not eat the cheesecake.  So yes.

Happy Friday, Raul! It's ok, I'm not a good dancer either. Maybe we should take lessons? I have some extremely important, potentially life-saving information for you: you must ring the bells at midnight (the Devil's Knell) to drive away bad spirits. Otherwise Nalani might discover where you live. -Nicki

If I ring the bells after ten of the clock the neighbors call the police.  They ask me to walk on the line and blow in the bag.  I leave the bells alone now.

Today there was no swearing and no embarrassing. I am happy this week is almost over. Tonight I will do the laundry early and watch the Willie Wonkie movie. 





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