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July 31, 2003

Thursday Update for Raul

Many more comments today. Not as many good questions. But there are a lot of questions.  I am starting to worry that to many strangers are thinking about me.

OK. Here are my As and Qs.

i have 2 questions 1:why dont you ever show the things i post, and 2: are you a communist? sir spoon reporting from hell yo

Hello Mr sir spoon. I know the Misters are working on more drooling pages. Is that what you want to be on? I do not understand this. But maybe if you are quiet things will work for you?  I am a Sagittarius.

How many Misters E. are there? Are they homosexual lovers? That would be very awesome. - The Morning Star

I am not sure. This question worries me.  Maybe this is not a good idea today.  Maybe I should tell jokes tomorrow?

What kind of computer do you use? Michael Orningstar

The computer has a keyboard and a magic bar of soap on a rope that ties it to the computer.  When I move the soap, things move on the TV screen.  Does that help?

Raul, I think your doing a splendid job! Keep up the good work and maybe the Misters E. will give you a permanent place on their site. I sure would like to read something by you. -Paul DeAmicis

The last time the Misters said they would give me a permanent place was very scary.  It was next to the bear in the main hallway.  The bear is standing on his back legs and he never moves.  I think I am fine in my place.

Who are you, Raul? and what are you? and why do you update the pages before 9AM GMT? -Anubis

I am Raul, is that not obvious?  It is in your question! I don't know why you ask me the GMT question.  I upwrite the pages when I am done with the rest of my day list.  Sometimes that is not early.

Raul if you were to smoke weed (weed is another name for a plant that is dried, rolled, and smoked) whet do you think you would see? Insis

Another puzzle! Like the chicken puzzle. I am getting very good at these.  I would see smoke.  Right?

Raul, I have just read reply to my question of a few days ago (I have a life, ergo not able to be Evil every day!)...am happy to make you happy. but possibly not in the same way as Nalani =\ (sorry for the emoticon) #Alpha#

I understood everything up to Nalani. I am having trouble understanding Nalani. So that is not a surprise. 


why are there so many damn reality shows ? i hate them so much - kris

Hello Kris.  Maybe you should watch less TV.  Try watching Radio.  Am I good with advice today?

Oh Dearest Raul....I love you....Marry me...But only if you agree that Great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes....You're so fine, I bet you'd slip through a colander. Yes, You. I am so the smitten kitten for you, Raul...Purrrr.....-=PoisonN=-

I am getting worried. This is sounding like a movie that was on TV last night. The little girl next door started acting like a big girl.  It did not end well.

Raul you did not answer my question! I want to know if I could make sweet passionate monkey love with you? And we can't have berry pie, we have to have apple. The pie was just added in to fulfill me after I fulfilled you. Nalani

This is not helping.  Now there are two.  I need to call the Misters for advice.

Hey Raul I have one more question is the Mr.E's are your relatives, friends, aquaentics (someone you know) brothers or what? -- Steve Roland

The Misters E are my employers. I think that is true even if you are not paid money for your work.  Is that right?

Hey Raul. You know you should stop listening to the Mr. E.'s they don't treat you the way you deserve, have you ever thought about getting a different job? Oh by the way did you take the dogs to the "Doctor for animals"? - R.C.D.S.B

The corgis are fine.  Thank you for your interesting.  I have thought about the job where you stand on the road offramp with the sign. I think I could do that. But they never look happy.

I think I will go have some sherry with my milk.  My hands shake again.  Maybe the Misters will be back soon. 





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