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July 30, 2003

Raul's Today's Update for Wednesday

Not as many questions today. Maybe we are near the end of them? The Misters said that if I didn't get any questions, I should do the wing with it.  I think that is what they said.  Something about wings.  I hope I don't have to figure out the whole wing it thing. Please write good questions for tomorrow.

Here are the questions today and my answer.

The Mr.'s E are very mysterious. They go all vanish for a few days without saying stuff. They should be all less mean to Raul (Who's he?) and such. The Mr.'s E are going to be smitten by a large peice of roof shingling. Haha. Now they must live their lives in fear of roofs.

The Misters are not very mysterious. They just don't like to talk about themselves. And they lie a lot. And nobody is very sure what they want. So not mysterious. Not mysterious.

Hey Raul who is your favorite WWE superstar? -- Johnny Brown

I know this one! This is about that costume show where they walk down the ramp and then talk on the microphone. I like the small guy in the stripe shirt. Do you know his name?  I forget.

Have you ever met the yummy lemming that jumped onto my head? he stole my brain. Please tell me if you do. Thank you. - The Yummy Rabbit

OK, if I figure that out, and it happens again, I will try to remember to tell you.  I think this will not be happening soon.

what do you give to the woman who has everything? (dont say penicillin cause i did that last year) Mr. L

The Misters say women want everything men want. And they don't want men to have it.  I think that is what they said. I might be confused again. Maybe flowers?

Good day Raul, a few personal questions... What's your favorite Ice cream flavor, color and serial killer? -Ivy Bekket

I am with the lactose intolerable so I don't like the ice cream.  I don't know about the color question.  But I do like raisin bran.  It is killer.  Dude. Getting downward with your badly self.

Raul I do not work for the post office, I just want to make sweet passionate love with you and eat pie afterwards, as long as it's apple pie. No other pie would fulfill me as good. Nalani

Sorry about the post office mistake.  You should not be ashamed.  The post office people are fine people.  They leave packages we don't always have to x-ray or soak in water. I love pie too, but I like it with the berries. And a little cream.  Sorry if I am getting too personal.

Thank you for today's questions.  Tomorrow we will do this again.





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