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July 29, 2003

Raul Every Day Update for Tuesday

Wow, you have lots of questions.  The swearing was not so bad this time. Just a little bit. I will try to do my best again.

Zacary and Zemo ? who might they be? - kris

There is no might be.  They are the corgi dogs.  They are brown and white and very much my friends here, only biting a little.

I think my phone's bugged...I keep hearing funny clicks...And then strange vegetables with 8 arms scream at me from somewhere inside...help...#A Dead Man#

I do not have an answer for that. Maybe you should talk to someone about the pills you could take?

what the fuck kind off stupid shit is this. who ever thinks this is interesting fuck you

This was a question, even though you forgot the question mark. But it is too much swearing and you sound stupid with the angry words so I am ignore you.

Yaaa!!!!! Hi Raul!!!!!!! Welcome back, So wot words of wisdom do you have for us this time?

Today I learned that our Mail man is a Woman.  This is a strange and wonderful country.

How many people are you? I'm one hundred people. That's why i'm typing on a laptop in the middle of a padded room. Hee hee. -Brigid

I am only one person.  I do a lot of work for the Misters E so sometimes it seems like I am more. 

Raul, how long has Evil.com been running?-Angel of Death

I will not use the joke on the running word. Do you know that one?  When you say running like how long has it been working and I make the mistake about moving fast in tennis shoes?  I have been here for nine years, the Misters do not talk to me about what they did before.

Question to Raul-Why did the chicken cross the road?-chorbalan

These days I think that the chicken wanted to be hit by a car.  Was that funny?  I think I made a new funny answer to an old joke.

Where are you raul? Country? State? County? City? Street?

It is a question I am asked all the time.  Usually by the Misters when I am not working hard enough.  Do you think I need to work harder?

Would you like to dance under the stars in the circle of stones at Donnelaith? -Nicki

No, I am not a good dancer.  I think this would only be worse in the dark.

I ask you, Raul, this question: when will E. be back? Just so I know, not that you being around's bad...like a breath of fresh air, is what you are...#Alpha#

They never say.  Thank you for the words about me being like air.

Its good to have you back Raul... Ever think of making your own website for your dedicated fans? Tenebricosus Talisman

A site web is a scary thing.  My hands shake when I try to make my page.  I do not think I could do such a thing.

Hey Raul. If you were a roofer, what would do flat roofs, or pitch roofs? - Johny Canuck

You are asking another chicken kind of joke.  I would do the roofs.  Right? I am getting good with the puzzles.

Keeping the evil system running, Raul? Please set something on fire for me, please. - George

Please do not mention that. The Misters have locked up the bar bee this time. They say I will have a trouble making fire with micro waving.

i have a huge crush on mr.'s e.... is it alright that i am a man???

Do you work for the post office?

How many people are involved in evil.com and where are you based out of?
Are you bothered by double negatives?---Sara

No I am not.  And I am not understanding about your base question. 

Raul I love you and want to meake you unbeleavably happy since the Mr's E wont give me play. But if i do please you I want pie afterwards. Nalani

Do you work for the post office too?  Are you post office people all using the same computer and laughing at me? 

Raul, tu est tres fou ou tres stupide? - Nick Ryan

Pourquoi est-ce que je dois choisir? ╩tes-vous franšais? Vous dactylographiez avec un accent. J'aime parler franšais.

Thank you for today's questions.  Tomorrow we will do this again.





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