we get it

July 28, 2003

Hello again am Raul updating the pages

It has been very nice that you all wanted me to take over the updating while the Misters E are off the estate. They leave me here with the corgis and the orchids and tell me not to get them confused.  The corgis have an appointment with the Doctor to dogs tomorrow, and the orchids need steam three times a day.  No, I can see how that would be a bad thing to confuse.

Last time I think things went best when I was answering questions.  The Misters don't like to answer questions, they get a little rude. I am happy to answer your questions. The Misters said the smart readers would know how to get their questions in, since enough of the stupid readers seem to make it there themselves.

I am so excited.  Please ask some good questions.




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evil.com is back.  we get it.  check back daily.