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July 21, 2003

$460 Billion Dollars...now we're talking real money...

OK, we know the standard Republican auto-slam on Demos is that they're all "tax and spend"ie. So is there a similar term, a counter-slam appropriate for the "don't tax and spend anyway" deficit architects? Bush reports his government is expected to come close to half a trillion dollars in the red by the end of the year? Can they say that with a straight face? And while they're at it, will they still attempt to blame Clinton?

Never has one so corrupt generation so shamelessly lavished itself with tax breaks and spending; the combination to destined to be paid off by the next generation (or is that next few generations?) And expect the burden of that fattened generation, now living longer, to further drain retirement and health programs. And still voting it's own selfish issues into law.



Funny stuff eh?  No, well we have to agree.  We'll try to come up with some giggles tomorrow.  Did you hear about Elvis' tooth on eBay...?  And yes, we're still working on the next group of shouts...

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