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July 9, 2003

Conspiracy #5945m - The Real Green

OK, we'll explain this once again because so many of you are scratching your heads over it.


No, it doesn't make sense that the federal government is so rabid about medical marijuana.  The Fed as an organization isn't actually the player here, they're being played. It's the Food and Drug Administration that pulls the string. And similarly their strings are played by the lawyers representing the Pharmaceutical Companies. 



You see, the PCs make TONS of money off maintenance drugs - pills that patients will essentially have to take for the rest of their lives. It's a money pipeline for them. A dependency, like any pusher will try to establish and maintain. If you could grow your maintenance drugs in your back yard, well they'd lose an amazing amount of money. And you'd start to wonder about the other pills you're taking.
Yes, this is all helped along by the no joy right wingers who already prescribe to laughable puritanical "I'm not perfect I just expect you to be" attitudes. They are heavy financial investors in the PCs as well.  Is it any surprise that they lend their political strength to the moral and social campaigns that just happen to support that money stream? It also boosts their careers to stir up the geriatric majority of voters over "Marijuana the Weed with its Roots in Hell" issues; just another way of assuring some number of grey votes come re-election time.
So the facts don't add up. Get over it. What's not to understand? After all this time do you still think these people are working in your best interests?



Yes, we know the "official" Conspiracy section is not yet opened.  The Masons and Bavarian's are being difficult.  Patience. 

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