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July 7, 2003

No More Chicken George

Ex-Seinfeld player Jason Alexander, is no longer pitching hot wings on TV. PETA is waving a victory flag here saying JA questioned KFC's treatment of chickens. Hmmm.

So, should the feathered food be coddled into thinking it has a long happy life ahead, and then... surprise! It gets dipped into the bath of boiling oil? Sounds much more twisted to us. Maybe PETA is secretly EVIL?


And who is going to speak out for vegetable rights!  Baby carrots pulled prematurely from the nurturing soil, then sliced and diced within moments! And don't get us started on the slow torture of artichokes, taken apart one leaf at a time and ritually mutilated - torn across teeth! 


Only two examples from the PETA garden of terror. The horror!

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