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June 26, 2003

Raul's Journal for Friday

I made it through the whole week!  The Misters E will be back tomorrow. Unless there has been a lot of recent drinking this should be my last entry.  Again however, the questions are not great. 

why is it when ever they sat their is a silver lining--their is always a grey cloud attached? Mark L.

The Misters E have a coat with a silver lining. I think the saying is more about dark clouds than silver linings.

what do hookers do on their nights off? DZT

The Misters E were doing research on this a while ago. They didn't finish.  Some confusion with the police not believing the research part. If there is a lot of interest perhaps they can start investigations again?

Ok tell me this and tell me no more, wot is the answer?

That is probably a fine last question.  This.





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