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June 26, 2003

Raul's Journal for Thursday

Thank you for writing better questions today.  I expect the Misters E back any time now. I wanted to have one or two good days before they do. 

If x=2y+z when is it dinner time?

This was is a confusing question.  But when I thought about it it became clear.  Dinner time is still 6:30.

Ive herd this question asked B4 but never herd the answer, wot Waz the best thing B4 slisted bread?

I was warned about slang and sloppy spelling.  Slisted is probably your slang for sourdough.  The best thing before sourdough bread was that mixed white and dark rye bread that comes in a braid.

Should entropy be regarded as the ultimate form of chaos or order? - Dante Marx

Entropy should just order.  I'm not sure about this chaos thing.  It is not nice to keep your waitress waiting while you discuss other things.  So just order.

 If you were a fruit, what kind fo fruit would you be, Raul? -Rapunzel

This is a very embarrassing question. I get accused of this all the time.  It is not funny and it is not something I think about.

you are driving in your car at the speed of light. you turn your head lights on. where does the light go??--lilly

I always stop at the lights.  And one of the Geo's headlights is out.  Anyway I will try to figure this out on my next trip to the store.

That was more fun today.  I am getting the hang of it.  I hope this has been helpful.





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