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June 25, 2003

Raul's Journal for Wednesday

There were some mean things said about me in the shout entries yesterday.  I will not talk about those. I will try to be a good replacement web person while the Misters E are gone.  I will keep answering your questions.  Here is one.

Do you have a mailing list? if so E-mail me at soullessone666@<deleted>.com Thank you

The Misters E said I shouldn't post real e-mail addresses you silly Hotmail person. So I have changed it to save you from yourself.  The web site does not have a mailing list.  That would be like spam.  The Misters E have said that "Opt-in crap just doesn't work.  If we ever start taking donations we might mail things out to people who have verified their existence with cash." Thank you.

If a person's brain were transplanted into someone elses head, who would the original person be? The brain or the body???? Morgana Laninopally

OK.  It is a riddle. Is it a riddle? OK. I guess the original person would still be the original person?  Also, I think it was also Pinky, not body.  Some times these things get confusing when a TV show has been canceled.

So, if there is no I in Team, how do you explain Tieam?

Yes, there is an I in that. What did you need explained?

I am not proud of today's journal. Please write better questions.





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