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June 19, 2003

Should we really be surprised Orrin Hatch wants to format your hard disk?

No, not really. This guy has been "just a little off" for years.  The idea that just punishment for your downloading "the third strike" mp3 file is the eradication of the computer you're using is totally in keeping with his scorched earth mentality.  Does he care that you're using a library, school, or work computer? Nope, he doesn't care a bit.

He's very disturbing. There's something very wrong with him. You can see it in his eyes.  The way they don't quite focus?  No seriously, look!  This is important and we're probably only going to be able to say this once!  He's not human!  The whole head is made of rubber and the eyes are glass.  Underneath he's a cold blooded reptile and his race is here to take over the earth. 

Oh yeah, he's also the guy who ate your dog.



"Mr. E, those bicycle men in the white shirts are at the front gate again."


"For the love of God Raul!  Bring the corgis inside and keep quiet!"

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