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May 10, 2003

Terrorist Alert!

Yes, the Dixie Chicks are touring under increased security because of the threat of terrorism.  Not those wimpy al-Qa’ida ,  Hizballah, or Islamic Jihad.  No, these are the really scary ones: The IARN - Ignorant American Red-Necks.

The unfortunate thing is that as long as they keep their mouths shut the IARN are near-indistinguishable from sane, freedom-loving Americans.  However, if you can engage one in conversation the amazing rationalizations of hate and anger as patriotism become instant identifiers. Don't try to apprehend yourself - run screaming!

Be on guard America!

  Yes, another public service announcement from your friends at E.C. in close cooperation with Darwinian principles and the Association to Repeal Helmet and Seat Belt Laws (ARHSBL).  

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