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April 18, 2003

Road Trip - Day Eight - Home


Parts Unknown
Look Over There, XI
photo by N. Heller


April 18, 2003         







Hope this postcard finds you well.    We're home.

We got in early this morning.  Didn't want to wake you.  We're in the arboretum with our coffee.

One thing our road trip has taught us is... you're expecting the "there's no place like home" bit right about now, eh?  No, nothing that trite.  One thing our road trip has taught us is that restaurant food is never quite what you want, even when it's fabulous.  Another thing is that there is a very good reason why people you don't know are called "strangers." A final thing is that drive-through Mexican food is not a good idea when it's raining heavily.  Think about it.  We are similarly enlightened.

Do you think it is too early for the martinis?



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