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April 17, 2003

Road Trip - Day Seven...


Uncle Brother's Diner
Sisters, AK
photo by N. Heller


April 17, 2003         







Hope this postcard finds you well.    The home stretch approaches.

What would a road trip be without vehicular malfunctions.  Today we had ours.

Lovely people here in the town of... well, we're not sure and have no real interest.  It appears to be some sort of covert government experiment in in-breeding.  Eyes that don't quite focus on your face or independently wander to the side while they talk to you, rivulets of drool on beards, extra toes, lots of people tuned-into and quoting Rush Limbaugh... all the tell tale signs. 

$10 for a cup of "coffee"... $84 to patch a tire... getting the hell out of town - priceless.



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