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April 16, 2003

Road Trip - Day Six...


Twin Peaks, WA
photo by N. Heller


April 16, 2003         







Hope this postcard finds you well.   Today it was all about the food.

An amazing restaurant; Hooters.  Apparently it's tied in with the preservationists. That spotted owl thing... or is it the burrowing one?  Anyway, these young female fans of Athene Cunicularia  all got together and decided to start a restaurant in honor or support of the big-eyed bird.  Their menu includes buffalo wings (apparently no buffalo were hurt in the preparation), clams, shrimp, and an incredible oyster roasts (have you ever heard of such a thing?) Apparently they're just getting by because they can't afford much in the way of uniforms.  A good time to be sure.

Those t-shirts were mesmerizing.   We're bringing one back for you.



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