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April 11, 2003

Road Trip...


Worlds largest artichoke
Gilroy CA
photo by N. Heller


April 11, 2003         







Hope this postcard finds you well. 

We decided night before last that Spring Break was worth a road trip. We packed up yesterday morning and frankly forgot to tell you. Apologies there. Please make good use of everything the sous chief has left for us in the Frigidaire.  There's a good man.

Also, remember that Zacary will require an evening feeding and walks while we are gone. 

Interesting sights here in California. They actually have pride over that whole artichoke thing. We're sure we burnt more calories trying to eat one than we got from it.

Understand the whole war thing is going well for Bush. Good for him...harrumph. We may have to pay off on that bet after all! Please let them know this trip has nothing to do with avoiding responsibilities.  On second thought, that's probably too much of a lie.  Say nothing.



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